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I am proud to announce my second shop of the week is For My Mulattos! Roxie opened her Etsy store four months ago and is starting to climb her way to the top. I spoke with Roxie last week and she told me all about her shop, her family, and her creations!

Roxie is a very talented jewelry designer, wife, and mother to two beautiful children (her mulattos). I asked her about her creative shop name and she filled me in on why she chose to name her shop For My Mulattos.

"Mulatto is a term for bi racial children. Since my kids are mixed (I am white & my hubby is black) they are mulatto, and that is the name of my shop because everything I do, I do for my children."

  Family is the most important thing in the world to Roxie, and one of the main reasons for opening a shop on Etsy was so she could help supplement the family income. She told me another reason for
opening For My Mulattos was because,

"I am also just very excited to share my talents with the world. I feel everyone has talent, but it is rare they share it with others. I wanted to take that leap."

  When Roxie took the leap of opening a shop on she made a splash! Her creations are truly one of a kind pieces of art that you can wear. She uses natural cork, and hand dyes it to giver her jewelry some real personality. I asked Roxie where she gets her material, and she said,

"The wine cork I use is from before I had children, just corks I had saved from bottles of wine enjoyed with friends when I lived in Seattle."

 Her beads and other supplies come from thrift stores that she visits with her children. Her son and daughter (3 & 4) help her sort out the beads by color and they spend the say together.

For My Mulattos is the perfect title for this beautiful shop. Roxie really loves her children, and means it when she says "Everything I do, I do for my mulattos". By visiting Roxie's store you will see that every single piece of handmade jewelry has it's own personality and story behind it. Whether the wine cork on a necklace is filled with hilarious memories from sharing stories over a glass of wine, or if a bracelet makes you smile when you put it on because it was picked out by a happy child helping his mom...I promise you will feel it the moment you put it on.

You can learn more about Roxie, and see more of her amazing work by visiting:

PJ's Crafting Corner

Hello Everyone! I am excited to announce that my first etsy shop of the week is PJ's Crafting Corner! 

This etsy shop is owned by a very talented couple who specialize in working with reclaimed and re-purposed wood. Pat and Jessi opened PJ's crafting corner in July and have been growing ever since!
I spoke with Jessi to find out where she gets her ideas and inspiration for her amazing wood pieces and she told me,
“I can seem to find inspiration in just about anything. A good long nature walk, riding down the road and seeing an old building, or the way a certain branch lies on the ground. It could be watching my kids run around and play, or relaxing and petting my labs. There is just so much inspiration around us each day..."

PJ's Crafting Corner is full of "Unique, Rustic, One of a Kind, Handmade Wood Items" ranging from candle holders, IPad stands, and large wooden block stools and children's decor. This shop has only been open for two months and has already made ten sales! This dynamic couple makes a great team because Pat does most of the woodworking, and Jessi does all the painting, and finishes the details. She also focuses on the promotion and organization of the shop and handles the online aspect of their business. 

In PJ's Crafting Corner you will not only find beautiful wood pieces, you will also find certain warmth that the customers on crave. Jessi says the goal for her shop is to... 
"Provide a quality handcrafted product that not only am I proud of, but that I know my customers will also take pride in."
I believe she has already met her goal by creating beautiful quality pieces of art, having great customer service, and filling her shop with her warm and welcoming heart.

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